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Irving Arts Center 

What is the Irving Arts Center and how is it related to the Irving Chorale?

The Irving Arts Center is a beautiful performance and exhibition space in the city of Irving.

It is an affiliate of the Smithsonian (yes, that Smithsonian) with access to resources, artifacts and more.


The Irving Chorale is one of the ten Resident Organizations of the Irving Arts Center.

We host our board meetings in the Resident’s Library and sing with one of the other Resident Organizations, the Irving Symphony, for the beloved annual holiday performance on the main stage of Carpenter Hall.


Resident Organizations provide cultural programs for the community, and opportunities to participate in the creative process.


Community members can play a role in front of the curtain as musicians, actors, and artists, or behind the scenes as planners, technicians, directors and more.


The facilities play host to a wide variety of rental clients, presenting everything from corporate meetings, conferences, cultural presentations and classes, to film shoots, wedding receptions and parties.

Other Resident Organizations of the Irving Arts Center:

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