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Where Does Your Money Go

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How We Are Funded

We are funded through the generous donations of our community and fans of choral performance.

We believe strongly in the power of music to lift up our membership and inspire our audiences.

Our members pay yearly dues as a sign of commitment and support to the Chorale. 

We also receive a grant from the Irving Arts Council.

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible.

Please consider making a gift today to help us keep sharing the beauty of choral performance.

2022-2023 Expenses

This was another season of change and growth for the Irving Chorale.


Our storage costs for our Music Library, props and risers DOUBLED this season and after some quick negotiating, purging and a holiday weekend move, is in a new home for a much more reasonable price.


We had more participation for each of the performances of the season:

  • Mama’s Party with Amy Stevenson

  • John Rutter’s Requiem

  • Home for the Holidays with the Irving Symphony

  • 3 Holiday Outreach Concerts: Plymouth Park Baptist, Chateau on Wildbriar Lake, Caruth Haven Court

  • Mahler’s 2nd Symphony with the Plano Symphony.

  • We also produced an extra concert this season “An Evening with Mark Hayes” to take advantage of lucky timing and availability of the composer, conductor, arranger and pianist Mark Hayes.


We look forward to an exciting 2023-2024 season with new music, ideas and ways to share the beauty of choral music in Irving, the DFW metroplex and the world.

Expenses 22-23.jpg
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